Ready to Compete?

Ready-Set-Transfer is a game-show style forum for practitioners and researchers to engage in a meaningful discussion around the topic of technology transfer. The panel is run as a highly interactive session modelled as a game show in which three selected research groups present products that they believe are industry-ready to a panel of industrial practitioners. Through a number of presentation rounds, the contestants -- academic participants -- receive feedback from the panelists. The panel, with audience participation, then judges the technology-transfer readiness of these products and the winner will receive the RE 2014 Technology Transfer Readiness award (certificate) and a small Swedish gift. Proposals are elicited from all areas of Requirements Engineering.

Panel Organization

With only 90 minutes in total, this will be a fast moving session, run like 5Across. There will be two rounds of presentations by the academics, each followed by honest feedback from the Industrial Panelists. In the first round, the Contestants each have 5 minutes to sell their idea/product. In the second round, the Contestants each have 5 minutes to demonstrate how their idea/product is industry ready, by answering questions such as 'What kinds of prototyping has been done?' 'Have there been pilot trials in industry?' 'What makes the idea/product ready for transfer?'

Industry Panelists

Our industrial panelists come from a variety of Requirements Engineering backgrounds. They bring their experience and passion to the panel through feedback they offer to the contestants. The panelists will make the final determination about which proposals to accept to the panel and, along with the audience, which team is the RE 2014 Ready-Set-Transfer technology winner.

Michael Panis

In the spring of 1990, Michael Panis showed up for an interview at Teradyne, and he's never left. Along the way, he has architected and managed the development of several solutions for testing semiconductors. One of his primary focuses has been ensuring that these products actually address customer needs, thus his interest in Requirements Engineering. In his spare time, Michael helps to define the processes and tools that he and his fellow engineers use.

Juha Savolainen

Dr. Juha Savolainen is software director at Danfoss Power Electronics A/S responsible for software R&D in Grasten, Denmark. He is also heading the coordination of all global SW development and research activities. Before joining Danfoss he was with Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland for 10 years serving in a number of management and research positions. He has personally been involved in designing and evaluating software architectures and defining requirements in many different domains including Internet services, mobile phone platforms and applications, telecommunications servers, base stations, engine control systems, navigation systems, weather stations, and banking systems. He holds M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees from Helsinki University of Technology and Aalto University respectively.


Researchers (faculty members or students) are encouraged to submit their proposals following the guidelines provided in the link at the top of this page. The contestants can be individuals or teams of 2-3 people. The Panel organizers in collaboration with the Panelists will select three contestants to present and compete for the Technology Transfer Readiness award at the RE 2014 event.

Innovation by Collaboration: Improvisational Theatre as a Training and Agile Design Technique: Martin Mahaux

FlexiSketch: A Lightweight Tool for Requirements Sketching and Modeling: Dustin Wuest, Norbert Seyff, Martin Glinz

Archie: A Tool for Preserving Quality Concerns in Code: Jane Cleland-Huang , Mehdi Mirakhorli, Ahmed Fahkry


The panel will be organized by Didar Zowghi, Full Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Jane Hayes, Full Professor at the University of Kentucky.